Friday, January 21, 2011

Epiphany Term - Week Two in Review

The highlight of week two was our Math Vitamins! The girls learned that just like vitamins help their body get better when they are sick, math vitamins help them get better at their math skills.

Each girls now does a Calculadder drill to begin our math session each day. Calculadder worksheets are timed math drills that help the girls practice their math facts until they memorize them. Doing a timed math drill helps the girls get focused as we begin our math time. Everyone is able to start at their own level and then progress at their own speed as they only move on if they can do their current level in under two minutes. The first set of Calculadder drills are designed to help the student first be able to write their numerals quickly, without thinking about it, and then to memorize the addition and subtraction facts to 10.

The girls seem to enjoy their "vitamins" quite a bit and ask every morning, "When can I do my math test thing?" :)

We also changed how we begin our school day at Zera Hall. Since everyone arrives at a different time, I have started leaving a simple worksheet on each girl's desk after they go home. Upon arriving each girl goes straight down to her desk and does the worksheet she finds there until everyone has arrived and we begin our Opening Exercises together. This helps the girls start out focused and not be distracted with toys and such before school gets going.

Our new phonograms for this week were:

Y - /y/ellow, bic/y/cle, funn/y/, m/y/
C - /c/at, bi/c/ycle

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