Our class schedule follows the traditional church year rather than the public-school calendar. Our year-round calendar consists of 7 terms each 7 weeks long during which we work for 6 weeks and have 1 week off. Advent term is our holiday term. Parents not wishing to commit to year-round schooling have the choice of opting out of the 2 summer terms. Details are in the information packet.

Our weekly schedule varies. During most terms we work for 4 days a week. During the summer terms we are in school 3 days a week so that families have 4 day weekend to do summer activities. Our school day is from 12:30pm-4:00pm, allowing the girls to be well rested and energized by the time we start school. At times this schedule is altered to suit the individual needs and desires of our family and our students' families. A full, detailed calendar and schedule is provided to all parents each year and an explanation of the schedule is in the information packet.

For more information on year-round home schooling utilizing the Church year calendar see: