Monday, January 17, 2011

Epiphany Term - Week One in Review

Despite a few distraction and delays, the girls were excited and happy to start Epiphany Term. I was pleased to find that we didn't lose too much ground during the long break. The girls all did well in remembering their phonograms, math facts and memory verses. They were mostly able to pick right off where we left off.

Epiphany term celebrates the coming of the so called "wise men," Gentile king-makers, to bring king-gifts to the child Jesus. During Epiphany Term we talk about all the nations coming to glorify King Jesus and our being kings and queens in His Kingdom. The girls were excited to wear their Epiphany crowns and we talked about being princesses for Jesus so that all people will want to come to our light.
A few highlights for Epiphany Term:
  • We are memorizing Isaiah 60:1-5
  • After we review the continents' names, we will add the oceans to our map skills following the bibilical imagery of the seas representing the Gentile peoples
  • We are talking about how to act like princesses so that were are a good witness for King Jesus
Also, please note changes to our holiday break schedule for the next few terms as noted under the "calendar" tab. Doug and I were given a trip to Ireland which is scheduled for May 7th-24th. To accommodate the time off of school, the Term holiday weeks for Lenten and Resurrection Terms and Easter holiday will be rescheduled. If you have any questions about the weeks off, send me a note or talk to me in person. Thanks!

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