Monday, February 21, 2011

Epiphany Term Wrap Up

Whew! I can't believe Epiphany Term is already over and Lent is upon us! 

The girls had a good term. Despite a lot of side drama going on with sickness, family emergenices for Teacher and other distractions, everyone made progress and developed new skills. 

Reading took a big step forward this term! The girls passed 1-minute timings and moved to new levels in TATRAS, started reading "real" books from the Abeka primer series and made it nearly through the 1st half of the phonogram chart. Everyone seems to have a good grasp on "sliding" their sounds to make words and understanding that words make sentences. Hurray!

Spelling was another Epiphany Term achievement. We started working daily on our calendar skills and each day after writing the date we worked on spelling words that start with the same phonogram as the day of the week. On F-Friday they spelled fun, fan, fast, free and so on. Everyday for the past few weeks they've spelled at least 5 words, sounding out each word themselves and then checking them together when finished. Ariana especially is a speedy speller and is always ready with her word correctly spelled first! 

Winona was our math champion as in the last week of term she conquered adding and was able to do the "plus 1" speed drill. The girls are over halfway through their first math book, Math-U-See Primer, and will be moving onto the 1st grade book, Alpha, in the coming weeks. In Lenten term we will be tackling Time skills.

Another new skill we added was labeling. During our story time we are now not only narrating the story in pictures after our reading, but the girls have started labeling the major characters in their pictures. Acacia is our best narrator and can remember every detail from every story and has show major improvement in her drawing skills since school began.

All three girls memorize Isaiah 60:1-4 for Epiphany this term and learned 1 or 2 new songs, despite Teacher's off-key example. :) We've almost finished the Old Testament Bible books and the continents and oceans of the world. Lenten term will find us making maps of the world and starting Geography Songs to help us memorize the countries of North and South America. 

If you have questions about your daughter's individual progress, please contact me. Since I spoke to most of you individually about how Epiphany Term went, I do not plan to type out progress reports. If you would like a written report, I will be happy to send you one, just let me know!

Have a great holiday week and I'll see everyone on Tuesday!

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