What is Zera Hall?

My name is Amy Hayes and I have been teaching for 11 years—first as a home school mom to my 5 step-children and now with a small class of 1st - 3rd graders in my home. I have started the Zera Hall class in order to help Christian parents educate their daughter in a way that is tailored specifically to suit her gifts, abilities and needs at a price families can afford. Zera Hall combines the benefits of private schooling with the best of home schooling by allowing your daughter to learn with other children from an experienced teacher while keeping your guidance and influence primary in her life. By using a unique school calendar and a small, personal, home-school-environment classroom we are able to provide your daughter with an early educational experience that develops a desire for excellence and a love for learning. If you are interested in a new kind of educational experience for your girls, please contact Zera Hall for an information packet. 

Zera Hall is currently accepting new students. The new school year begins after the Advent break, however, our flexible schedule is open to new students year-round and allows a starting date at the beginning of each new term. If your little girl is showing readiness for school or if you are looking for something new and better in her education, please contact Zera Hall by leaving a comment with your email address or emailing directly @ zerahallgirls@gmail.com.

  • Current tuition is $2400/year paid in 12 monthly installments of $200. A one month, $200 deposit reserves your daughter's place in our class. For further details, contact Amy.

The Zera Hall Name

Zera - Hebrew (Strongs #2233)
“of moral quality”
“practitioner of righteousness.”
A passageway from one place to another.

Many have wondered at the name Zera Hall. When choosing a name for something I have always looked to biblical terms whose meanings express my goals or vision for whatever it is I am naming. Zera is a Hebrew word that is used for fruitfulness and has the additional meaning of a person who has moral quality and practices righteousness. Zera Hall was founded in some ways out of barrenness. I have five step-children whom we home schooled and are now grown and have moved on to other things. Because we were unable to have more children of our own, I was left to decide in what other ways I would pursue fruitfulness for Christ's kingdom. Zera Hall is the way I have chosen to continue to be fruitful in training the next generation to be practitioners of righteousness. Even if God has not given me children of my own to raise, I can by used by Him to help others in raising a godly seed, faithful to Him, practicing righteousness.

Hall was chosen rather than academy or school or some such other title because Zera Hall is focused on helping parents with a specific part of their daughter's education. Our class is here to help parents with the transition from being home with Mommy all day to "big girl" school that means mom is working full time on home schooling or daughter is away all day. I would like Zera Hall to be helpful to parents by allowing them to begin their daughter's education while she can still be home for most of her day even if they are not interested in, ready or able to home school. Zera Hall is here to serve parents as passageway between toddlerhood and childhood, helping them on to the next step whether that be tackling home schooling or preparing for a more official, full-time private school.