Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Encouraging Word....

The mother of my current 3 students recently sent me this email to add to the new information packets I am assembling for our local Education Fair in Oregon City this weekend. Her students will be switching to home schooling soon as the economy has taken a toll on their family finances. However, she has been very encouraging in her support of our class and I thought I'd post what she had to say about Zera Hall here as a frame of reference for those of you who may be interested in our little school, but don't know our families or myself personally. For further references, in the left side-bar I have listed email addresses for parents of my students who are willing to discuss their families' experience at Zera Hall with you.

"Zera Hall has been wonderful for our three children who attend and a Godsend for our family at large. Mrs. Hayes runs a well-planned classroom that is strong on curriculum, interesting for students, and communicative with parents. Our children have flourished under her tutelage and come home from school happy each day. We have been delighted with the quality and breadth of their education from Zera Hall. Thank you, Mrs. Hayes!

Rachel Shubin"

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