Monday, July 11, 2011

New Students

It's summer time, the sun is out nearly everyday and the girls poke around in the garden and berries looking for treasures on their "breaks." School is in session 3 days a weeks to give families nice, long 4-day weekends to play in while the girls still keep up with their progress in reading and math. Most other people are off school and won't be thinking about it again until September. Zera Hall is looking toward September with an eye for 2 or 3 more students.

Our little class would benefit from filling out a bit more and so is actively looking for 2 to 3 more students. If you know of any family who would enjoy the kind of educational help and school environment that Zera Hall offers, please spread the word! 

Our school year follows the church calendar and after the Advent holidays will begin anew in January. Since most parents think of school as starting in September, 4 & 5-year-old students usually begin in the final term of our year at the end of September.  However, with our flexible "7 terms of 7 weeks each" schedule, students can join at the beginning of any term.

Because summer is plan-for-next-year time in the educational world, I'd like to encourage our friends to be thinking of Zera Hall this summer for the little girls in their lives. To that end, I'm offering a summer referral program that will end Labor Day weekend. Anyone who refers a family to Zera Hall will receive a $100 gift certificate** to our favorite bookstore, Exodus Books! Share a link to our blog:, get an information packet to handout or have your friends email or call me. Your friend may find just the help they need to start their daughter's educational journey and you will get $100 worth of treasures from Exodus! What's on your summer reading wish list? 

Have a lovely summer soaking up our perfect mid-80's Northwest sunshine. While you're soaking, take a moment to think about it; do you know anyone who is looking for a different option in Christian Education for their little girl?

*Here's the fine print to earn a referral bonus: referrals must contact Zera Hall before Labor Day 2011, the new student must join before the end of January 2012 and must be enrolled for 2 full months before the bonus is valid. Bonus will be issued after 2 months tuition has been received and will be given in the form of a gift certificate to Exodus Books. Any restrictions on the use of gift certificates is at the discretion of Exodus Books.

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