Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As you know, we are using the Teach America To Read and Spell Saltmine & Hipwif reading program. The girls are doing well at learning their first phonograms. They have each passed one minute timing on the first 8 phonograms which means they have all started reading their first words from the Penny Primer!

To help you give them extra practice times with their phonogram charts at home, below is the correct pronunciation for their first 9 phonograms. The more they repeat these sounds correctly, the easier their first reading lessons will be! In the case of letters with more than one sound, they should say all the sounds in a row without saying the word "and" in between them.

a -   3 sounds: a, ay, aw

s -    2 sounds: s, z

t -    t as in /t/able

l -     l as in /l/ittle
        NOT "lu" It is important to know that letters like L, B, R and others
        should be said without adding a "u" sound at the end "rrrrr" not "ru"

n -    n as in /n/eighbor

e -    2 sounds: e and ee
        NOTE: the girls often say i as in b/i/t for the first sound of e
        instead of e as in /e/gg. This is an area that parents could really
        help them all on - remind your daughter to always say e-ee not i-ee

m -  m as in /m/other

i -    3 sounds: i, ii, ee

o -   3 sounds: aw, oo, ew

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